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How do I describe the sound of the ocean? January 3, 2011

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Apparently our room is close enough to the hot spots that I can get internet, so I am writing this from my balcony overlooking the beach. (I know, tough life right?)

We spent the morning on the beach. It was quite windy, but we’re from Kansas and are used to the wind. How can I describe the soundtrack of the ocean? Even listening to it now, I can’t quite put it into words. The sound of the waves and the sound of wind are not that far off from each other. Waves are just a little more…solid sounding. A little more concrete. The water moves in unison toward the shore in constant undulation. The water climbs up along the shore, leaving slightly different patterns in the sand each time.  When the water recedes back into the ocean, it sucks back a layer of sand with it, and I can hear the sand sizzling from the salt of the ocean each time the water caresses the shore.  It’s a give and take between the water and the sand: the water takes a layer away but brings it right back the next time around. Mother Nature sure is a smart ole gal.

Another showstopper from Mother Nature is the color of the sea. Or colors, I suppose I should say. I would love to paint a room with the succulent pigments that are spread out before me. On the horizon is a sort of deep cobalt blue, followed by a brilliant, sparkling aquamarine. Right up next to the shore where the rocks begin is almost like a velvet purple so dark it almost looks black. The sun kept darting in and out of cloud cover, but when it peeked its luminescent face out, the water took on emerald and turquoise hues. Of course, I’m putting names to things which simply cannot be named, and a picture does no justice. It’s an experience, not something that can be bottled and sold in a souvenir shop.

I spent some time rocking in a hammock before we headed back to the room. We ordered lunch and ate on the balcony outside the living room, and then I went up to my room and took a nap in the sun. There was light rain on and off, but the sun remained out. It was quite a delightful juxtaposition of elements. The heat of the sun baking my skin and the little flecks of rain dancing around my face made for a wonderful afternoon.

We walked into town for dinner and saw lots of cute boutiques that I’m going to visit tomorrow morning. We stopped at a cute little Italian place for dinner that overlooked the sea. The food was delicious, and in the background was none other than the great Pavarotti. I told our waiter how much I enjoyed the music and thanked him in Italian. (New Life Goal: Become conversational in as many languages as possible. Most importantly French, Italian, and German.)

It’s too dark to see the ocean now, but I can still hear it. I’m going to go down and sink my feet into the sand for a while before going to bed. I think I may sleep outside tonight.


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